About Us
How We Got Stared 

After two years of woodworking as a hobby and not having a shop to call home, leaving a caustic job was the catalyst that sparked taking the passion of woodworking full-time and pursuing it as a business.  

Student of the Craft  

Whether it is learning new methods of joinery, restoring an antique tool, or incorporating a different process; getting to learn something new everyday is what drives us to create.

Behind the Tools 

Owner and operator, 26-year-old Korbin Lindell, is a recent graduate of earning his Master's of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. After graduating his undergrad at Central Washington University, located in Ellensburg, WA, Korbin moved back to Wisconsin to attend graduate school. Missing the mountains and wilderness of the Pacific Northwest sparked exploring the world of woodworking, which soon led to taking on any carpentry task he could get his hands on. 

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